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Perspective by Mattsson

Uppland Design gets selected for LogoLounge book 13

❝I have loved my logo since the first day I laid my eyes on it, when Harri at Uppland Design, first presented it to me. It fits me and my small business like a glove. LogoLounge book 13 just got out. And out of 40 000 entries, worldwide, 3 000 got selected, and my logo was one of them🎉🥂 ! Congrats Harri, you nailed it!❞

– Photographer Andreas Mattsson, Perspective by Mattsson


thick thoughts

Do you have thick thoughts? Don’t worry. It’s perfectly normal. And Uppland Design has them too.

The question is, can you live a ”normal” life with these constant thoughts wrestling your amygdala?

Uppland Design has designed since the late 20th century, and knows there is a way from thin to thick.

If you think your company needs more mass, send an e-mail describing your vision and purpose and Uppland Design will get back to you!